SPACE-02 and the beginning of Multi-space (UPDATE)

Time to scale

Since the start of we had a vision that somewhere in the future people will create NFTs in a collaborative way; Either for fun or on-demand (btw, notice it was always ‘NFTs’ (plural) not 1 NFT). With this in mind, we knew that we need to: a) check product/market fit with one NFT and b) expand somehow to multiple NFTs.


  • A Space Ape can claim up to 42 Blocks at a time.
  • A Space Ape can cover those Blocks with a picture of his choice.
  • A Space Ape can claim blocks unlimited times BUT a minimum of 24 min needs to pass between the claims (restricted per wallet).
  • To claim a Block there will be a fixed fee: 0.0042BNB. If it’s an empty block or someone already claimed it. It always stays the same. 0.0042BNB
  • If Block/-s already have a previous owner (is covered) a “Take over fee” (TOF) applies.
  • The TOF is to be paid in BLS tokens! (Yes, that’s right. No more playing the game without BLS)
  • The TOF is dynamic, depending on time! (yes, not the previous owner of the block)
  • The TOF will start at 240BLS per Block and decrease every second until it hits 0 BLS after 24h.
  • Once the TOF of a Block is 0 BLS, it will stay 0 BLS for 1h
  • After 1h the TOF will bounce to 2BLS per Block.
  • Space Ape yields 20BLS per Block per Day as long as it is visible.
  • Before “the bounce” 76% of the TOF will go to the previous owner of the Block. 24% of the TOF will… well by now you should guess it: BURN BABY BURN 🔥🔥🔥
  • After the bounce back to 2 BLS TOF per Block: 100% will get burned 🔥
  • The SPACE-02 will be minted only once. There will be a countdown timer of 42h before that. So keep your eyes open to get on that NFT before the mint!

Multispace changes the game

SPACE-02 sounds fun, right? We can’t wait for what the community creates this time! But for us, equally (if not even more) exciting is the fact that with SPACE-02 we are opening the door to a multi-space future. This means we can now launch additional spaces faster and with very different rules. And all of them will fill our universal Rewards Pool! 🏆

Still so much to come

Naturally, we won’t stop with SPACE-02. We are opening the door to multi-space with a reason. We are happy to inform you that we already have a few deals for promo spaces (a time-limited space in collaboration with a special partner, that will reward the community with special goodies).

Did you know? Our captain Albert has brothers and sisters too…

Interested? Follow us for more updates

Join us on our journey and change how Digital Assets are being created! For more info check out the following links:



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