This article describes some simple 1000Blocks concept topics such as rewards system, NFT auction, and future use cases.

On 1000Blocks users co-create NFTs and earn yield in the process. To use 1000Blocks it’s good to understand three things:

  1. The universal Rewards Pool
  2. How to earn yields

A quick summary of each point is below:

What is a SPACE?

Block Space (or just Space in short) is the primary piece of the App.

Dear Space Apes — the time has come to enter the stratosphere! is partnering with Wault Finance to do so 😎

Read along to find out what that means for the project and you!

Captain Albert from 1000Blocks is ready for take-off in the W-Rocket!

TL;DR: 1000Blocks Space is partnering with Wault Finance and doing an IDO on Wault launchpad. We will offer 200.000 WUSD worth of BLS (BlocksSpace) tokens. is a platform build on Binance Smart Chain that enables the community to create Digital Assets (NFTs) in a collaborative way and yield rewards in the process. We introduced an initial MVP three months ago. …

This article serves to explain in detail the new concept of the 1000 Blocks Space project. No worries, all the good things stay and the rest gets better 😉

Short summary: It’s still all about community-powered NFT. But now you’ll be able to invest in multiple Block Areas. And as long as you are the owner of a Block (no one covers you up), you earn our BLS tokens. All the investments during the NFT creation and the profit of the final NFT sales will go into a Rewards Pool. If you lock your BLS tokens into our Blocks Vault…

Hey Space Apes! 👋🏻

After a strong wish from the community (100% voted for Pre-sale before IDO), we are really excited to announce our Official PRIVATE Community Pre-sale!

The dates that you should mark in the Calendar are the 19th and 20th of June 2021.

1000Blocks.Space Private Pre-Sale is happening!

We will split the sale into two parts. This way both sides of the (flat?) world have the opportunity to participate!

  • The second Presale will be June 20th, 09:00 UTC (200 BNB hard cap)

Our goal is to reach 400 BNB from both…

Dear Space Apes,

We have started our whitelisting process for the OG airdrop that is planned for the second half of June 2021. (Exact date follows)

Only whitelisted participants will get an invitation to contribute. If you are interested in participating, please join our Twitter and Telegram community.

How exactly can I get airdrop?

The process is simple:

  1. Invite (to Telegram channel!) friends that you think would be interested in the project
  2. Like and Retweet Airdrop announcement post on Twitter:
  3. Visit and get familiar with our project
  4. Register on a whitelist form

The world of Digital Assets is transforming in front of our eyes. With blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFT), for the first time in history creators got the chance to properly sell their work.

But can the technology go one step further?

Can we transform how Digital Assets are being created? Can there be multiple creators at once? Can a creator also be an investor — not only wait for his work to get sold but actually generate yield in the process? And can all of that be governed by the community?

Fellow apes: we believe the answer to all…


Community-driven NFTs that yield profits.

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