Extremely rare, extremely powerful — 1000Blocks first Smart NFT collection!

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TL: DR; The Smart NFT collection by 1000Blocks.space is finally here! The first DROP of our Space Apes will be the “The Alberts”, arriving on December 22nd 2021. The Alberts will have special super powers and with only 2101 of these NFTs minted, they will be extremely rare and extremely powerful! To get early access to the mint, you will need to join the whitelist. Our top supporters will have priority access and special benefits. The initial mint price will be announced the day before the mint.

The Alberts — arriving on Dec. 22nd

SpaceApes by 1000Blocks.space — the Smart NFTs are here

The 1000Blocks project is introducing its first Smart NFT collection. Named SpaceApes by 1000Blocks.space. The NFTs are a dedication to all the Apes that went into space! 🦍🚀

DROP-01: The Alberts will arrive in a limited edition of only 2101 NFTs!

Our first drop (DROP-01) is titled The Alberts! The first 6 apes ever in space were all Alberts (Albert 1, 2, 3 ..6). With DROP-01 we are introducing these Space Apes to the digital world:

  • 1 Captain — The first ape ever in space, Albert 1 is considered the 1000Blocks.space project captain and will be minted only once and stay in the ownership of the project.
  • 2100 Space Apes — Albert 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, all unique characters, will be minted each 420 times. Whereby the OG character will go to each of the founders of the project and 419 will be made available to the community!
  • 25 Legends! — In addition to the OG Space Apes, each of the Alberts will have 5 hand-crafted Legendary characters! The rest, 414, will be generated out of hundreds of unique pieces and we promise a lot of awesomeness and rarity will spring out of it!

The Alberts: Extremely rare. Extremely powerful!

SpaceApes by 1000Blocks are considered Smart NFTs because all of them will have a unique utility that can be leveraged on the 1000Blocks.space platform and beyond.

1. Ever-evolving

The Alberts will evolve over time, become more powerful, and holders of the DROP-01 will in the future have the opportunity to receive limited editions airdropped for free.

2. Always the first

The same as the Alberts were the first apes in space, so will holders of any Albert always have priority access to everything introduced by 1000Blocks.

  • They will have access to a special Discord channel where there will be alpha news shared!
  • Also they will be able to be the first in SPACE-03 and claim all those empty blocks ;)

3. Special superpowers

Linked to their accessories some Alberts will have additional superpowers. They will be introduced over time, but two powers that we are very excited about and want to share some details on today are related to eye wear:

  • Any “Laser Eye” will make your Space Apes a “Spotter” → A Spotter will be able to see things on the SPACE that no other Ape can see!
  • Any “Golden Sunglasses” will make your Space Ape a “Gold Digger” → Owning a Gold Digger will bring you extra riches and fortune in the SPACE!
The Spotter vs. The Gold Digger.

The mint will happen on December 22nd, just in time for xMas!

  • Mint date is set for December 22nd. → https://spaceapes.1000blocks.space/ is the place to watch.
  • The exact hour and initial mint price will be revealed 24h before.
  • In case you don’t have yet a xmas gift for your loved ones, or you want to give the experience of the “first ever NFT” in someone’s life — this is the chance! Bookmark your calendar!

Everyone on the Whitelist will have early access and our biggest supporters will receive additional benefits!

  • The mint will be initially open for everyone on the Whitelist → Add yourself now!
  • The Whitelist will close ca. 12h before the mint.
  • Our top supporters — top 100 stakers, top 100 farmers and top promoters will have additional benefits such as lower mint price and a higher chance for a Legendary Space Ape!
  • The price of the mint in the different stages will be revealed 24h before the mint.
Go to https://1000blocks.space/whitelistme/spaceapes-drop-01 to whitelist yourself.

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