1000Blocks in a nutshell

  1. What is a Space and how to participate in the co-creation of an NFT
  2. The universal Rewards Pool
  3. How to earn yields

What is a SPACE?

Block Space (or just Space in short) is the primary piece of the App.

A Space gets covered by users, NFT gets minted and auctioned on OpenSea. All users split the rewards.


SPACE-01 is our initial space; titled “Infinity”. The idea and rules of first/genesis Space01 are hidden in its name. SPACE-01 will be always open for claiming Blocks and co-creating NFTs.

  • You can claim min 1 and max of 42 blocks at once.
  • The minimal price to claim a Block(s) is set by its previous user.
  • The Block claimer has to invest more than the previous user.
  • As the owner of a block, If someone covers you, you get 25% of his/her investment.
  • After claiming Blocks you need to wait 12 hours until you can claim again.
  • As long as your blocks are visible, you will yield 24BLS/blocks/day.

Future spaces

Very soon 1000Blocks will be expanded to support a multi-space setup. Each space will have its own rules and will be minted to its own NFT.

Multi-space future (grid)
Space-02 is doing BLS burns 24/7 to incentivize the use of native token and support price

The universal Rewards Pool

Most of the proceeds (60–85%) from buying Blocks and selling NFTs is filling the Rewards Pool. From every Space. Current and future — it is universal.

How to earn yields

  1. Claim Blocks → earn BLS
  2. Stake BLS in Vault → earn BNB
Buttons and functions on Space.
  1. Click “Harvest BNB” to harvest all BNB received from staking BLS in Vault AND from payback(25%) when someone else claims your Block/s that you owned.
  2. Click “Harvest BLS” to claim BLS tokens as a reward for having visible Blocks on Space.
  3. Click “Stake/Withdraw” for actions on 1000Blocks Vault. Stake your BLS to yield BNB from Rewards Pool. Rewards are split in a span of 21 days, from when they come in. When you withdraw tokens from Vault, 1% of them are burned permanently (when withdrawing only 100% of staked BLS can be withdrawn).
  4. Funds you have on your personal BSC Wallet.
  5. Rewards for having visible Blocks on Space. 24BLS per Blocks per day.
  6. Counter for how many times the Blocks were claimed in the whole history of the Space.
The “Big picture” of 1000Blocks concept

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1000Blocks | Infinite Battles

1000Blocks | Infinite Battles

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