1000Blocks in a nutshell

This article describes some simple 1000Blocks concept topics such as rewards system, NFT auction, and future use cases.

On 1000Blocks users co-create NFTs and earn yield in the process. To use 1000Blocks it’s good to understand three things:

  1. What is a Space and how to participate in the co-creation of an NFT

A quick summary of each point is below:

What is a SPACE?

Block Space (or just Space in short) is the primary piece of the App.

Visually the Space looks like a grid, a canvas, that consists out of 1008 blocks (42*24). We cover 8 blocks with our platform logo, which means 1000 are left for the user to interact with (cover with photos). That is also the origin of the name 1000Blocks Space.

At some point in time (pre-announced with a countdown timer) the whole Space gets minted into NFT which is then being auctioned on OpenSea.

A Space gets covered by users, NFT gets minted and auctioned on OpenSea. All users split the rewards.


SPACE-01 is our initial space; titled “Infinity”. The idea and rules of first/genesis Space01 are hidden in its name. SPACE-01 will be always open for claiming Blocks and co-creating NFTs.

The rules of SPACE-01 are simple:

  • You can claim min 1 and max of 42 blocks at once.

Future spaces

Very soon 1000Blocks will be expanded to support a multi-space setup. Each space will have its own rules and will be minted to its own NFT.

Multi-space future (grid)

We have just launched SPACE-02 (7th October 21)

Space-02 is doing BLS burns 24/7 to incentivize the use of native token and support price

For more information on SPACE-02 rules and dynamics read:

The universal Rewards Pool

Most of the proceeds (60–85%) from buying Blocks and selling NFTs is filling the Rewards Pool. From every Space. Current and future — it is universal.

The whole amount in the Rewards Pool gets continuously distributed to all users that have BLS staked in the Vault. How much a user receives, depends on the relative stake in the Vault.

How to earn yields

  1. Claim Blocks → earn BLS

The reward system of 1000Blocks is innovative and really one of a kind in the crypto space. Users that claim Blocks on the canvas and show their image on them, are yielding BLS tokens. An alternative way of getting BLS is to buy them on exchange (Waultswap or Pancakeswap). BLS tokens can then be staked in 1000Blocks Vault which yields you BNB tokens from Rewards Pool.

Buttons and functions on Space.
  1. Click “Harvest BNB” to harvest all BNB received from staking BLS in Vault AND from payback(25%) when someone else claims your Block/s that you owned.
The “Big picture” of 1000Blocks concept

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