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2 min readApr 20, 2022

Welcome to the club

Own a Space Ape by 1000Blocks and be part of the Space Ape Club. Dedicated to all the Apes that went to Space before humans did. These smart NFTs on BSC are extremely rare and extremely powerful.

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Mint your Space Ape here:

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Club access will allow members to see the entire population of Space Apes in one place. You’ll have private access to intelligence reports, allowing you to compare Space Ape stats and assemble your army in preparation for Infinite Battles.

Club membership will also unlock a VIP Discord channel for all Space Ape holders. Here, you’ll get exclusive updates on future releases and have a direct influence on future game design enhancements with voting power. The more Space Apes you hold, the more voting power you’ll have! (max 12 voting power on the single wallet)

  • All Space Apes in one place
  • Search for a specific Space Ape
  • Filter by Attacking, Defending, or Agility
  • Filter Space Apes by traits


As the countdown to Infinite Battles winds down, the release of the Space Apes Club is a major milestone towards our launch. Roadmap activations will bring more value to Space Ape holders, such as:

  • Staking idle Space Apes to earn tokens
  • In-game item drops; for example, win a sword, gun, bazooka, etc. for your smart NFT
  • Exclusive Space for Space Apes smart NFT holders coming soon
  • Additional benefits will be incorporated over time and will include community feedback

We’re not sure what’s more awesome: using your Space Apes to battle for insane yields, or gaining access to the Space Apes Club. Join the (r)evolution today!

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Join us on our journey and change how digital assets are being created!



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