Space Apes by 1000Blocks — Smart NFTs with special superpowers

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3 min readDec 27, 2021

TL: DR; The Smart NFT collection by is finally here! The first DROP of our Space Apes will be the “The Alberts”. The Alberts will have special superpowers that will unlock functionalities on the 1000Blocks platform and above. Some of them will bring you extra riches and with only 2101 of these NFTs minted, they will be extremely rare too!

The Alberts: Extremely rare. Extremely powerful!

SpaceApes by 1000Blocks are considered Smart NFTs because all of them will have a unique utility that can be leveraged on the platform and beyond:

1. Ever-evolving

The Alberts will evolve over time, become more powerful, and holders of the DROP-01 will in the future have the opportunity to receive limited editions airdropped for free.

2. Always the first

The same as the Alberts were the first apes in space, so will holders of any Albert always have priority access to everything introduced by 1000Blocks.

  • They will have access to a special Discord channel where there will be alpha news shared!
  • Also, they will be able to be the first in SPACE-03 and claim all those empty blocks ;)

3. Special superpowers

Linked to their accessories some Alberts will have additional superpowers such as additional functionality or yield boosting properties. Read on to find out more!

The Gold Diggers

Gold Diggers

Golden Sunglasses will make your SpaceApe a Gold Digger! Any Albert rocking these shades will bring you extra riches and fortune in the SPACE 💸

The Spotters


If any Albert wears a Visor or has a Laser Eye, means he is a Spotter and can see what no other ape can see! Think in the direction of heat maps helping him spot the best blocks in SPACE 😎

The Thieves


In disguise, they float around the SPACE. Sneakily lurking. Plundering blocks. If you get one of these Alberts, you will love him. Others will hate you. 🙈

The Enforcers


A hand as strong as the one of Hellboy or Thanos. This Albert looks badass and can change the rules of the universe. Is the thief suddenly not able to steal or the gold digger to yield? Who knows. 👊🏼

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