Space Apes by 1000Blocks — 22nd December 2021 Mint details!

Space Apes smart NFTs with the utility on the 1000Blocks platform!

The mint will happen on 22nd December 2021, just in time for Xmas!

  • The mint date is set for 22nd December 2021
  • Time: 10 pm UTC | 5 pm EST | 2 pm PST
  • is the page to watch.
  • There are just 2100 Space Apes smart NFTs available!
  • Mint price will be 0.42BNB per Space Ape
  • One user can mint up to 10 Space Apes at once
  • In case you don’t have yet a Xmas gift for your loved ones, or you want to give the experience of the “first-ever NFT” in someone’s life — this is the chance! Bookmark your calendar!
  • Remember: We are on Binance Smart Chain there are practically no fees to mint Space Apes NFTs!

Everyone on the Whitelist will have early access and our biggest supporters will receive additional benefits!

  • The mint will be initially open for everyone on the Whitelist → Add yourself now!
  • The Whitelist will close 12h before the mint
  • List of Top 100 staker’s and farmer’s (one list) will be made public after the Whitelist is closed
  • Once Top 100 staker’s or farmer's or top promoters (most tickets) wallet is connected, the discount will be automatically applied to the mint price!
  • The countdown timer of 8h 42min will start at 10 pm UTC | 5 pm EST | 2 pm PST
  • This will be the time where whitelisted addresses can mint
  • Once this countdown timer passes, the public mint opens
  • If all the Space Apes will be already minted by whitelisted addresses, there will be NO public mint!

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