SPACE-02 and the beginning of Multi-space

TLDR: On October 7th at 20:42 UTC will introduce SPACE-02, Codename “Infinite Burn”. SPACE-02 will have its own mechanics, and through those mechanics, it will increase the utility of the BLS token and ensure a steady burn rate. Yields and gamification included (as is standard)! But most importantly, it will introduce a multi-space setup, which is the foundation of scaling!

Time to scale

Since the start of we had a vision that somewhere in the future people will create NFTs in a collaborative way; Either for fun or on-demand (btw, notice it was always ‘NFTs’ (plural) not 1 NFT). With this in mind, we knew that we need to: a) check product/market fit with one NFT and b) expand somehow to multiple NFTs.

We have motivated thousands of Space Apes to claim over 3000 areas to then post their art/advertisements/etc and managed to mint and sell that NFT! We filled the rewards pool with 200+ BNB (which the community now enjoys the yields of) and we burned over 100k BLS tokens! 💪🏼

We grew our reach, our community (over 3000 users on Twitter and Telegram), and answered probably 10000 questions you guys posted. But the question that really kept us going was: “wen space 2?” 🤔


Initially, we scheduled the SPACE-02 launch for a later date … but you guys convinced us: it’s time to scale up, so we accelerated our work! To build out Space-02 we used draw screens, simulated potential spaces, and optimized our backends (same with our frontends 🤓)…

During this time we got listed on different platforms, we spread the word with social media and YouTube videos as well as began/continued talks with partners for potential collaboration on future spaces, etc…

And after 3 weeks (yes, all of that happens in 3 weeks) we are now introducing SPACE-02: Infinite Burn!

SPACE-02 incoming!

SPACE-02, codename Infinite Burn, will feel familiar but still so different! With the objective to make the 2nd Space more affordable to a broader audience but also give additional utility to our beloved BLS token and still keep everything fun and rewarding: we came up with a whole new game dynamics 🥸

Here is what you will encounter if brave enough to explore SPACE-02:

Claiming Blocks

  • A Space Ape can claim up to 42 Blocks at a time.
  • A Space Ape can cover those Blocks with a picture of his choice.
  • A Space Ape can claim blocks unlimited times BUT a minimum of 4h 20min needs to pass between the claims (restricted per wallet).
  • To claim a Block there will be a fixed fee: 0.0042BNB. If it’s an empty block or someone already claimed it. It always stays the same. 0.0042BNB


  • If Block/-s already have a previous owner (is covered) a “Take over fee” (TOF) applies.
  • The TOF is to be paid in BLS tokens! (Yes, that’s right. No more playing the game without BLS)
  • The TOF is dynamic, depending on time! (yes, not the previous owner of the block)
  • The TOF will start at 420BLS per Block and decrease every second until it hits 0 BLS after 40h.
  • Once the TOF of a Block is 0 BLS, it will stay 0 BLS for 2h
  • After 2h the TOF will bounce back to 24BLS per Block.


  • Space Ape yields 24BLS per Block per Day as long as it is visible.
  • Before “the bounce” 76% of the TOF will go to the previous owner of the Block. 24% of the TOF will… well by now you should guess it: BURN BABY BURN 🔥🔥🔥
  • After the bounce back to 24BLS TOF per Block: 100% will get burned 🔥


  • The SPACE-02 will be minted only once. There will be a countdown timer of 42h before that. So keep your eyes open to get on that NFT before the mint!

And that’s it!

Multispace changes the game

SPACE-02 sounds fun, right? We can’t wait for what the community creates this time! But for us, equally (if not even more) exciting is the fact that with SPACE-02 we are opening the door to a multi-space future. This means we can now launch additional spaces faster and with very different rules. And all of them will fill our universal Rewards Pool! 🏆

Also, don’t forget, with a multi-space setup the Space Ape now needs to think multi-dimensional — which space will he participate in? When, how? How much? Gamechanger 🤯

Still so much to come

Naturally, we won’t stop with SPACE-02. We are opening the door to multi-space with a reason. We are happy to inform you that we already have a few deals for promo spaces (a time-limited space in collaboration with a special partner, that will reward the community with special goodies).

We also have planned our own NFT collection 🙊🙈🙉

This collection will give the owners special superpowers on our 1000Blocks platform (more about that in a dedicated article later on)…

Did you know? Our captain Albert has brothers and sisters too…

And many more to come!

We are excited and hope you are too — let’s take off!


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