Roadmap update: Transparency of Rewards Pool

1000Blocks | Infinite Battles
2 min readJan 27, 2022

As we aim to full transparency, simplification, and governance in the future the constant changes and improvements are applied to the platform as a whole.

Today’s change brings full transparency into how much inflow of BNB’s was so far and how much was already distributed.

We are happy to show that 475 BNB was already distributed out to you our valuable community and many more will be distributed in the future.

As we stated at the beginning we created this project in the first place to bring innovation to the crypto space and reward the participants.

There is nothing like this out there and we will build this further by adding new features and use cases to improve user experience and give additional ways to earn yield, but most importantly have fun and unite crypto communities.

Share the word and help us/you as this is the most effective way to make this a great success for everybody involved.

Mint of Space Apes smart NFTs are in full swing and 21BNB for the Share2Earn referral program is in progress. Share this info with your friends and family.

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1000Blocks | Infinite Battles

We unite crypto communities by interweaving gamification, art creation, and rewards yielding via Play-To-Earn interactions and bringing it closer to the public.