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4 min readAug 23, 2021

Dear Space Apes — the time has come to enter the stratosphere! is partnering with Wault Finance to do so 😎

Read along to find out what that means for the project and you!

Captain Albert from 1000Blocks is ready for take-off in the W-Rocket!

TL;DR: 1000Blocks Space is partnering with Wault Finance and doing an IDO on Wault launchpad. We will offer 200.000 WUSD worth of BLS (BlocksSpace) tokens. is a platform build on Binance Smart Chain that enables the community to create Digital Assets (NFTs) in a collaborative way and yield rewards in the process. We introduced an initial MVP three months ago. Now we are right before going live after we successfully finish IDO in collaboration with Wault Finance.

Read full details of the 1000Blocks Space project below. 👇

IDO Details is partnering with Wault Finance and we love it!

WAULTx holders may participate in presale if they stake a minimum of 100.000 WAULTx tokens in the 30-Day Lockup Pool. These staked WAULTx thresholds are called TIERS and give different allocation multipliers.

  • Sale price 1 WUSD (Wault Dollar) = 33.6 BLS ( BlocksSpace Token)
  • PreSale HardCap 200.000 WUSD
  • PreSale Supply 6.720.000 BLS
  • Access Only Whitelisted

More details on Wault launchpad and TIERS:

The official Wault announcement:

What’s next

Although a huge milestone, IDO launchpad is not the end but just the start of our journey!

We strongly believe in a future where digital assets (think art, music, building blueprints, research papers…) will be created in a collaborative, distributed, and community-governed way. All based on Blockchain technology.

Step by step we will thus add functionality in that direction. From how to request an asset (on-demand NFT) to having multiple assets being created at the same time (multi-space) to fine-tuning how co-creators get compensated (yields, buy-offs).

In the short term, our roadmap focuses on getting to Mainnet. In the next week, the following will unfold:

  1. Testnet update with new logic and smart contract
  2. Airdrop distribution of BLS
  3. Testnet update with new UI/UX
  4. IDO on Wault Launchpad → August 31st, 2021, 3 PM UTC
  5. Listing on Wault Exchange → September 1st, 2021, 3 PM UTC
  6. Mainnet launch → September 3rd, 2021, Time revealed 24 hours before

Note: We are dedicating this project to all the Apes that went into Space and paved the way for humanity. Our captain is thus Albert the Space Ape. With Albert, we will go to the moon and further!🐒🚀🌕

Good to know

Our audit and security consulting partner is the company Inspex

Inspex is a cybersecurity professional service company, specializing in blockchain and smart contract audits. They are extremely good at what they do and we are pleased to have them work with us.

More information and audit details:

Wault Finance is the most awesome decentralized finance hub

Wault Finance connects all of the primary DeFi use-cases within one simple ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain. In short, an all-in-one DeFi Platform!

More info: is all about community-powered NFTs

On 1000Blocks.Space you can invest in Block Areas where you put your poster/image of what you want to show to the world. And as long as you are the owner of a Block (no one covers you up), you earn our BLS tokens constantly.

After the whole Blocks Space is covered with posters/images and the preset time limit is reached an NFT is minted (Imagine Beeple Everyday’s or in the future on-demand NFT use cases). That NFT is auctioned on the open market. All the investments into Block Areas during the NFT creation and the profit of the final NFT sales will go into a Rewards Pool.

If you lock your BLS tokens into our Blocks Vault you’ll earn yields in BNB from the Rewards Pool.

The above covers only the basic functionality but the platform offers much more. We invite you to read our concept article and find your winning strategy 🐒 Testnet app

Concept article:

And for crypto pros — short and simple:

  • Your image/poster yields BLS tokens.
  • Those BLS tokens LOCKED will get you rewards from various income streams.

⚠️ Do you have Saylor’s brains and Elon’s shilling balls? Then get involved. 🎯

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Join us and Space Ape Alfred on our journey and help us change how Digital Assets are being created! For more info check out the following links:



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