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4 min readJun 24, 2022

Did you ever saw 12,420% APR that is sustainable? Look no further, this is probably the only P&E game out there backed with mathematics and a unique sustainability model. We #Buidl on BNB Chain 🐱‍🏍 (cmon CZ give us some recognition already).

Space Apes battling for crypto

Infinite battles are taking place in a parallel universe where the first apes humans send to space survived and evolved into powerful Space Apes.

In the deeps of the endless space, the Space Apes discovered BLOCKS. The smart Apes found, that owning a BLOCKS will yield them sweet sweet $BLS tokens. Having $BLS helps the Space Apes to survive, get more powerful, and evolve.

Unfortunately, the Space Apes also found, that there is a limited amount of BLOCKS. This made the otherwise friendly Apes battle their own kind. They attack and defend BLOCKS.

Game logic

In the Infinite Battle game Space Apes battle for BLOCKS. Owning the BLOCK makes you earn $BLS. The objective of the game is simple: to win as many battles as possible and develop your Space Apes empire.

To master this game you need to understand three things:

  1. Space Apes → What is a good Space Ape? How many Space Apes should I have?
  2. Battle logic → How to battle? How to win?
  3. Rewards system → When do I earn? How much do I earn?

To learn more about the game logic read our article on that:

Here comes the link for that article once ready 🙊🤡

BETA UI walkthrough

  1. Visit and you will find a universe full of colorful blocks.
  2. Each color represents different yields that will vary from 10,000 BLS to 50,000 BLS. In the future also other tokens such as ALU, KING, SKILL, ALPACA, etc. The associated APR is the rate at which the BLS from each block is distributed.
  3. Connect your MetaMask wallet and make sure the network is set to the Binance Smart Chain.

4. Once connected you’ll see the “Overview Dashboard”. It shows you your Space Apes army, what Blocks you hold, and the Rewards harvest area.

5. By clicking on any Block (or double-tapping on mobile), you can see an image that the current owner posted, Block APR, description, and link. From here, use the “Select Attacker” button to claim Block for yourself in battle!

6. Clicking on the small white dots will scroll through all your Space Apes, until you find the one you’ll use for the attack. Click on “Select” to confirm the attacker!

7. Battle fees are fixed at 420 BLS. Clicking “Select” initiates the battle smart contract. Once you confirm the attack in your wallet, the Battle begins!

8. The winner of a battle is determined through a unique algorithm, which evaluates the traits of each Space Ape, stamina, and also adds some random element of surprise or as we call it the “PrayToSpaceApesGods” function. Even an absolute underdog can win in battle but with a lower possibility.

9. If you lose, better luck next time! If you WIN you can set the “Defender” Space Ape and configure Block as it fits for you. Defender Space Ape will now defend the Block from the attacks.

10. Now that you are a proud owner of Block that yields you sweet sweet BLS tokens… Congrats!
The only question is how long can you defend it against other Space Apes…or in the future even other NFTs 🐱‍🏍🐵🐱‍👤


We never stop building therefore we have a full roadmap ahead. Here are new features we have in store for the exciting new Infinite Battles universe that will be released in the future.

  1. Release of BETA UI → 24 genesis blocks, 1:1 battles
  2. EPOCH-01 → Expansion of the battlefield with additional blocks. Introduction of Stamina Boosters.
  3. EPOCH-02 → The start of clans! Team up to win battles!
  4. EPOCH-03 → Space Apes breeding and the arrival of Space Objects

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