Exclusive whitelist for Infinite Battles by 1000Blocks!

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3 min readMar 23, 2022
Whitelist is now LIVE!

Today we are announcing the next chapter for the 1000Blocks community, by continuing to innovate and revolutionize the GameFi / play to earn market. As we close in on the launch of Infinite Battles, we are starting the whitelist process.

NOTE: There will be only 240 whitelist spots, so once they are filled they’re all gone! 🙊

Whitelist benefits

  • Priority Access: claim Genesis Blocks without Battles! Yield like mad! 💕
  • Special Space Apes Stamina Boosters: give your Space Ape more power in Battles! Kick some Ape ass! 💉
  • Lifetime BLS Stimulus: Earn part of the Infinite Battle Space Treasury as long as you live! Sweet sweet passive income! 🤑

How to qualify for the whitelist

  1. ✅ Invite minimum 5 friends to the 1000Blocks Discord channel https://discord.gg/UsKu4Arba9
    OR join Space Apes Jungle Cartel and finish 3 special tasks https://discord.gg/mTZ6akBHe5


2. ✅ Be active and reach at least Level 3 on Discord (Space Ape Pygmy)

We want our community to be vibrant, thriving, and collaborative. Your engagement will dictate your assigned level


3. ✅ You must be a holder of Space Ape smart NFT — mint yours now or grab one of the secondary market TOFUNFT.

All three requirements MUST be fulfilled to be eligible for the Whitelist.

You don’t have funds to get yourself a Space Ape NFT, or your funds are locked up in other degen projects?

No worries, there will be a lot of Giveaways and below Bonus tasks.


  • The Top 5 that will invite the most people to the Discord server, will receive Space Ape NFT 🐒
  • The Top 3 most active users will get Space Ape NFT 🦍

Stamina is a critical in-game element

Every Space Ape will have a so-called Stamina. Stamina builds up through time and will be required for battles. Higher stamina levels will also help increase the win rate for your Space Ape.

Stamina levels are reduced following battles so you will have to pick and choose wisely when you go on the attack!

Whitelisted will get a stamina booster and therefore have strong stamina early on to claim Blocks!

Did we mention you could yield ROI* in a single day!

*ROI = Return on investment

One more teaser — Space Apes Club

We will be opening the doors to our Space Apes Club!

Members of the Club will be eligible for exclusive club benefits that will be explained in a future Medium posting, so stay tuned!

Want to join the Club?
You’ll need to own at least one Space Ape and you’re in!

Interested? Follow us for more updates

Join us on our journey and change how digital assets are being created!



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