Altura NFT Exclusive Space: $5,000 in $ALU prizes + smart NFTs!

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5 min readJan 20, 2022


TL;DR: Exclusive Spaces are a unique way for crypto projects to bring their community together and have fun through the co-creation of an NFT. Co-create AlturaNFT's unique art and receive prizes in ALU tokens, plus have a chance to win Space Ape smart NFT. Step by step guide on how to participate below.

Traditionally, many companies use team-building activities to foster better relationships and increase employee engagement. In effect, our Exclusive Spaces offer a similar, but unique, on-chain capability for digital communities.

We are really happy to welcome the AlturaNFT community and give them an Exclusive Space to express themselves on-chain.



Community members must follow AlturaNFT and 1000Blocks on Twitter to be eligible for participation in the Altura Exclusive Space event.


  • Anything related to Penguins 🐧
  • Anything related to Altura NFT or smart NFTs


Altura Exclusive Space can be found at which will be active from 25th January, at 9 pm UTC to 8th February, at 9 pm UTC.


$5,000 in $ALU rewards will be given to the community! 🤑

  • $2,500 in $ALU will be split for the top five most liked images in the space;
  • $1,000 for first, $700 for second, $500 for third, $200 for fourth, and $100 for fifth
  • $2,500 in $ALU rewards will be yielded by those who own blocks in the space (more blocks, more rewards).
  • One random participant will receive below Space Ape smart NFT 🐒 It has a laser gun…wondering what usability it could have? 🧐

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 Visit Altura Exclusive Space at

Step 2 Enter your Twitter handle (ID) to verify that you follow AlturaNFT and 1000Blocks on Twitter.

Step 3 Carefully read the rules and guides before participating. Connect your wallet.

Step 4 Click the CLAIM BLOCKS button in the upper right corner and choose the desired number of block spaces (maximum 42) to create your artwork.

Step 5 Click the CONFIRM SELECTION button.

Step 6 You can either upload an image or draw pixel art. Once you have uploaded or drawn your contribution, add a caption or link.

Step 7 Click the APPROVE button (one time only) to grant permission to a smart contract and click the CONFIRM button to submit on the blockchain.

Step 8 Click an artwork on the Space to open the image and LIKE your favorite work. Vote for other images, not yours 🤡

Additional Notes

  • Each Block claim cost is 0.0042 BNB.
  • The max limit of a single purchase is 42 blocks. There is a limit of 42 minutes between the purchases (bind to a wallet).
  • Other participants can takeover your Blocks and you can do the same. Plan your strategy beforehand and play the game smart.
  • You will not see the CLAIM BLOCKS button if you haven’t connected your wallet.
  • Most importantly, have a lot of FUN in co-creating unique NFT art 🥰


Altura’s mission is to provide a platform for gamers to control and own their in-game items. We are also giving the ability for game developers to integrate blockchain technology seamlessly in their video games.

The current state of NFTs is comparable to that of the web in the 90s; static and boring. Altura is reshaping the NFT industry with the concept of Smart NFTs. These NFTs have properties that can change, for instance, a video game sword that gets stronger as you use it or an in-game pet that evolves.

In addition, Altura is creating NFT loot boxes. These pair well with our Smart NFTs to create a cohesive infrastructure platform previously unseen to gaming.

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Our main purpose is to unite crypto communities in the creation of unique NFTs and reward art co-creators.

We do this by interweaving gamification, art, and rewards yielding via Play-To-Earn interactions and bringing it closer to the general public.

We see the 1000Blocks platform as a unique way for users to earn yields plus have fun in the process, and for companies to engage with their communities through the creation of Exclusive Spaces specific to their user base.

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Apply for Exclusive Space as a project

We work towards the assimilation of crypto communities, allow them to co-create in the process, chat, have fun, and help bring crypto market adoption to the next level.

If you are interested and would like to join forces with us, write us here:

Read more about Exclusive Spaces:

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Join us on our journey and change how Digital Assets are being created!



1000Blocks | Infinite Battles

We unite crypto communities by interweaving gamification, art creation, and rewards yielding via Play-To-Earn interactions and bringing it closer to the public.