TL;DR: Yield farming lets you lock up funds, providing rewards in the process. 1000Blocks Space is enabling this additional feature for the entire community. As of 8th December 21, Space Farm with BLS-BUSD LP pair is open. Earn BLS tokens as a reward.

In brief

  • Yield farming is a way for people…

TLDR: On October 7th at 20:42 UTC introduced SPACE-02, Codename “Infinite Burn”. SPACE-02 will have its own mechanics, and through those mechanics, it will increase the utility of the BLS token and ensure a steady burn rate. Yields and gamification included (as is standard)! …

TL: DR; “There are many ways to riches” is a well-known saying. But do you know your way? This article covers a few different strategies on how to not only invest in but also get the most out of 1000Blocks.

There are a number of different strategies regarding how to…

This article describes some simple 1000Blocks concept topics such as rewards system, NFT auction, and future use cases.

On 1000Blocks users co-create NFTs and earn yield in the process. To use 1000Blocks it’s good to understand three things:

  1. What is a Space and how to participate in the co-creation of…

Dear Space Apes — the time has come to enter the stratosphere! is partnering with Wault Finance to do so 😎

Read along to find out what that means for the project and you!

Captain Albert from 1000Blocks is ready for take-off in the W-Rocket!

TL;DR: 1000Blocks Space is partnering with Wault Finance and doing an IDO on Wault launchpad…

This article serves to explain in detail the new concept of the 1000 Blocks Space project. No worries, all the good things stay and the rest gets better 😉

Short summary: It’s still all about community-powered NFT. But now you’ll be able to invest in multiple Block Areas. And as…

Hey Space Apes! 👋🏻

After a strong wish from the community (100% voted for Pre-sale before IDO), we are really excited to announce our Official PRIVATE Community Pre-sale!

The dates that you should mark in the Calendar are the 19th and 20th of June 2021.

1000Blocks.Space Private Pre-Sale is happening!

We will split the sale…


Community-driven NFTs that yield profits.

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