1000Blocks Space Private Pre-sale

1000Blocks.Space Private Pre-Sale is happening!
  • First Presale will be June 19th, 19:00 UTC (200 BNB hard cap)
  • The second Presale will be June 20th, 09:00 UTC (200 BNB hard cap)

Important to know

  1. The presale site will be announced 30 min prior to presale in the Telegram channel/-s.To stay innovative and prevent bots from messing with the presale, we will do it through our own engine.
  2. Min. and Max. allocations for each BSC address are 0.1 BNB min — 3 BNB max;
  3. Presale tokens will not be tradable until after liquidity is added on a decentralized exchange;
  4. Pre-sale Funds will go for liquidity (50%), audit, development, and marketing;
1000Blocks.Space TOKENOMICS

What happens after the Presale?

After the presale is finished, we would use 50% of the funds for the initial liquidity on a decentralized exchange.

Are you ready?

There are only as many BLS tokens in presale as bananas in the Gif below. Get them as long as they are there 🍌🚀


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