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6 min readApr 15, 2021

The world of Digital Assets is transforming in front of our eyes. With blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFT), for the first time in history creators got the chance to properly sell their work.

But can the technology go one step further?

Can we transform how Digital Assets are being created? Can there be multiple creators at once? Can a creator also be an investor — not only wait for his work to get sold but actually generate yield in the process? And can all of that be governed by the community?

Fellow apes: we believe the answer to all of it is a YES!

Space Ape Albert, pioneer, and captain of 1000Blocks Space

Read on to find what we have in store for you and how you can be part of the journey!

1000BLOCKS.SPACE — A new concept in the crypto sphere

On April 20th, 2021 we will launch 1000Blocks.space — a solution that will combine various concepts such as crowd-sourcing, community governance, gamification, and crypto investment to create unique (digital) masterpieces — all based on smart contracts.

Making history — Where it began and what’s next

In the year 2005, someone wanted to showcase the power of the internet and created an experimental page called the 1mio$ homepage. You can still find it here: http://www.milliondollarhomepage.com/

The concept was simple. Each user can buy pixels and in return color the pixels on it to promote their services, company, or for pure fun. When the page sold all the pixels, it was over. The money collected, the page went into history and goodbye. The final piece can be seen below:

The Million Dollar Homepage

In 2021 a similar piece (Beeple — Everyday's) was sold as an NFT for a record-breaking 69mio$!

Beeple — Everyday’s: the First 5000 Days

Now some people say that is a bubble. Probably the same people who said Bitcoin is in a bubble when it hit 1k$. We believe there is still room to grow. The next ATH will come. Just that this time it will most likely not belong to a single creator, but the community. And you can be part of that!

Community-powered NFT creations

1000Blocks.space is all about community-driven Digital Assets creation. The solution is not only meant for professional creators but for everyone who wants to throw their soul on the blockchain and create something amazing to share with peers. It’s fun and it can be really rewarding!

  • Build on: #BSC — Binance Smart Chain
  • Payments: $BNB — Binance Coin

How it works — Sophisticated simplicity

When 1000Blocks.space will open its doors you will find a canvas, a so-called “Blocks Space”, consisting of 1008 “Blocks”. Out of 1008, 8 blocks will contain “a signature” (the 1000Blocks.space logo). The rest, 1000, will be empty without any content. An empty block is called an “Initial Block”, while a block with content is called a “Taken Block”.

From here on, anyone has the possibility to claim his “Block Area” and populate it with content. One block area can include anything from 1 up to 42 blocks. Means 1 block is the smallest and 42 blocks are the largest block area.

Block area can be filled with an image of your choice. Meaning you can promote your company, showcase the best art you have created, post an image that you really really really like (your cat?) or a meme that you would like to share with the community. Your imagination is the limit!

Now to the fun part — Rules of the game

1 — To claim a block area you will need to invest. Or not, if you are early! Read on to learn more. In any case, we are talking BNB here 🙃

2 — You decide how much to invest. For each block, there is a “Minimum Investment” amount (MIN). Initial blocks have a MIN set to 0BNB! This means if you are the first ape in space you can claim blocks for free! Or you can decide to throw all your bananas at it and ensure your blocks stay your blocks 🦍

3 — You can takeover existing block areas. If you want to claim a block area that already has content (or part of that area) you can do it. We call that a “takeover”! But executing a takeover comes at a premium. The MIN of a taken block is calculated based on the previous investments made. 📈

4 — You can earn sweet sweet crypto. If you invested into claiming a block area you have the chance for yield (warning: 0 investment is 0 return). The yield will come in three forms:

Yield from takeovers: If someone executes a takeover on your block area you will be eligible for all or part of the proceeds. Since a takeover comes at a premium (your investment + premium) your yield at the first cover will be 100%. You will also get part of the proceeds of a cover. Actually, you will get yields on 10 covers! This means: the more you invest the more of a potential return you can get. Ape simple! 🐒

Yield from NFT sale: Each time all blocks are covered a “Block Space Snapshot” will be made and an NFT created. That NFT will be auctioned. You as co-creator will be eligible for part of the proceeds. How much will depend on how many of your blocks are still visible! 🧱

Tokens airdrop: The 1000Blocks platform will be further developed in the future. As a next step, we will introduce custom tokens that will enable new functionalities. Everyone who will claim a block area before the token launch will get tokens airdropped in his wallet. The number of tokens will depend on your investment made and the love you showed to the project! ❤️

5 — You have only one shot. BSC address can claim only one block area! Thus choose wisely what you do 😉

Check the updated concept here:

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Join us on our journey and change how Digital Assets are being created! For more info check out the following links:

In our next post, we will discuss game theory and how to get the most yield out of your Blocks 🤓

In loving memory of Albert and friends

Before humans went to space there was Albert. And Albert II. And Sam, Han, and Enos… and 27 other brave primates. They paved the way for what was about to come for humanity.

Albert II — first Ape in space!

1000Blocks.space is something new. We are defining how the future of Digital Assets creation will work. We strongly believe it will be collaborative, community-governed, and dynamic. To reach that future we need to be the first and continuously innovate. Explore the digital block space today the same way Albert and his friends did before us in real space.

Join us. Be brave as Albert. Be a space ape.



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