1000Blocks.space — Concept update

Why an update?

Every now and then a new technology comes around that enables humanity to make fundamental progress in one of the two areas:

  1. We can do something that we were already able to do. Just significantly better. → Cool!
  2. We can do something we were never before able to do. Hurray! → F* awesome!
Two services enabled by internet: Left: Netflix > existing better. Right: IoT > something new.
Yes, we can do it
  1. The idea of a community-powered NFT is an attractive one → We should continue. 💪🏼
  2. Our implemented reward system is too complex → We need to simplify it. 🪄

What changes?

Not so much but still a lot! Fundamentally we are introducing two big changes:

  1. Each user (wallet) will be able to participate in the creation of the NFT more than one time. → Ability to invest in multiple Block Areas (one Area every 42h).
  2. We are removing compensations for Takeovers (you get paid if someone covers your Blocks) and introducing rewards for visibility → Yield will come from a Reward Pool to those who own Blocks.

How will this work?

Now comes the grand finale! After weeks of working on this (brainpower + coding) we are giving away our secret sauce, the master plan! Let us explain step by step how the system and rewards will work:

  1. To participate in 1000Blocks.space you will need to have and connect a BSC wallet.

Getting interested? Follow us for more updates

Join us on our journey and change how Digital Assets are being created! For more info check out the following links:



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1000Blocks | Infinite Battles

1000Blocks | Infinite Battles

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