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TL: DR; Tapping into the rapidly growing trend of digital crypto community events, the Exclusive Spaces offering from 1000Blocks enables any crypto project to bring their community together and have fun through the co-creation of an NFT. Our Exclusive Spaces have exclusive features such as live pixel art creation, like images, and a leaderboard to enhance user engagement through gamification. The Exclusive Spaces are mutually beneficial and come at zero cost to our partners!

What are Exclusive Spaces?

Traditionally, many companies use team-building activities to foster better relationships and increase employee engagement. In effect, our Exclusive Spaces offer a similar, but unique, on-chain capability for digital communities.

Our vision for the Exclusive Spaces is to bring diverse communities together through the power of interactive co-creation.

When a partner project opts to set up an Exclusive Space (developed totally free of charge), they can decide what will be offered as a reward to Space co-creators. Rewards can include giving out their project’s native tokens, project-specific NFTs, whitelist allocations, etc. A thematic concept can be set by the partner (like an upcoming holiday) to focus the images and art applied to the Space.

As community members submit their blocks, they will also be able to vote for their favorite images and pixel art by giving out likes to their favorite work. And after all of the awards are given and the final blocks are set in place, the community will have co-created amazing artwork!

The Exclusive Spaces will serve as a truly one-of-a-kind marketing tool that will allow us to assimilate whole communities into our core product. Overall, it’s a win-win for everyone!

How do Exclusive Spaces work?

  1. Exclusive Space is an event and is limited to 10 days, at which point the final NFT will be minted.
  2. The partner project will decide on a theme such as Christmas, Best of 2021, NFTs only, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, best project meme, etc.
  3. There is NO BLS yield on Exclusive Spaces as on other regular Spaces (Space01, Space02, …)
  4. The partner project can provide a “Rewards Bag” of tokens which are distributed to owners of Block/-s on their Exclusive Space
  5. Co-creators can be rewarded after the event based on the “Likes leaderboard” (check features)
  6. The fee for claiming a Block on Exclusive Space is 0.0042 BNB
  7. Most of the collected fees go into the general Rewards Pool.
  8. After the event (10 days), the partner project will receive the NFT mint
  9. Participation is open to everyone!

Features (only on Exclusive Spaces)

1. Likes on images

Like the images that you love. 😍

2. Leaderboard

Best images depending on likes are ranked up on the leaderboard. 🎁

3. Pixel Art Creation Tool

Use your imagination to create just anything with pixel tool and post it on Exclusive Space. 🐱‍🏍

Special Exclusive Spaces

There may be opportunities with some projects to modify the rules and other dynamics of their Exclusive Spaces.

For example, we could set up a members-only Exclusive Space, based on NFTs held in their wallets.

Road ahead

Join us in this one-of-a-kind innovation as we work to assimilate new crypto communities, give them something to talk about, have fun, and finally bring crypto market adoption to the next stage.

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